Vicente Fita Botet was born in Cuenca, Spain, in 1964. From an early age, he exhibited a profound passion for drawing and painting, coupled with a strong fascination for art history. During his youth, he had his first encounter with contemporary art when he visited the Spanish Museum of Abstract Art in his hometown, which existed outside the official cultural policies of a country that would take years to transition to a democratic regime.

From 1987 to 1991, he pursued his artistic education at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Cuenca.
His earliest exhibitions, commencing in 1990, featured a series of repetitive paintings where he meticulously reproduced fragments from vintage engravings, maps, or created monochromatic paintings, which he presented as immersive installations.

In 1994, during a residency in Mulhouse, he started making films by layering rhythmic phrases of autobiographical narratives over silent amateur film sequences.

In 1996, he relocated to The Netherlands and completed his postgraduate studies at the Dutch Art Institute in Enschede in 1998. This phase marked a period of exploration, with a focus on installation, video art, and collage, emphasizing the documentation of the inexorable passage of time.

Since 2001, he has been based in Rotterdam. Initially, he crafted collages using photo fragments that resembled intricate mosaics. Later, he returned to painting, and in the ensuing years, his works incorporated layered, appropriated images, creating a visually rich tapestry of random associations on the canvas.

In 2011, he produced his first “road-movie” composed of photographs taken during his journey from his hometown to Rotterdam. Subsequently, he made time-lapse videos that portrayed fragments of his daily life and surroundings, akin to the pages of a personal diary.

His approach to painting evolved towards photorealism in 2014. He began copying photographs of neoclassical sculptures and added text balloons featuring absurd jokes, as if the figures themselves were engaged in conversation.

In his current artistic practice, Vicente Fita Botet’s works encompass both paintings and films that originate from photography. These artworks explore themes such as still life, self-portraiture, and abandoned objects, offering a profound reflection on the transience of life.


Vicente Fita Botet


Cuenca, Spain, 1964

Currently living and working in Rotterdam





Dutch Art Institute, Enschede, The Netherlands

Master of Fine Arts


Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

Faculty of Fine Arts, Cuenca, Spain

Solo exhibitions


2024 “El abandono”. Galería Fúcares. Almagro

2023 “De verlating”. Niffo Galerie. Rotterdam

2015 “Transit”. WORM. Rotterdam

2014 “Sculpturesque Jokes”. Galerie Mirta Demare. Rotterdam

2011 “Habitaciones”. Escuela de Arte Cruz Novillo. Cuenca

         “Trip Notebook”. Centrum Beeldende Kunst. Rotterdam

2010 “Zwart-wit”. Pictura. Dordrecht

2009 Galerie 23. Helmond (The Netherlands)

2007 “Flores, sustancias y atributos”. Pictura. Dordrecht

2006 “Schilderijen en collages op papier”. Pictura. Dordrecht

2004 “Floral wall hanging”. Galerie de Aanschouw.Rotterdam

         “Bad Omens”.Gorodstoi Muzei,Chatsnykh Kolleksii. Odessa (Ukraine)

2002 “O.T.”. Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Fundación

         Antonio Pérez. Cuenca (Spain)

2001 “New photo collages”. Stichting Kunst & Complex. Rotterdam

2000 “After time”. Stichting Ateliers ’93. Hengelo (The Netherlands)

1999 “Looking to the future”. Vrijhof. Universiteit Twente.

         Enschede (The Netherlands)

1995 “Travaux récents”. Galerie du Quai. Mulhouse

1990 “Apocalipsis in Figuris”. Facultad de Bellas Artes. Cuenca



Projects and group shows


2022 “Variaciones sobre el bodegón de El cardo”. Museo Zabaleta. Quesada (Spain)

2022 “Presente Continuo”. Galería Fúcares. Almagro

2021 “Variaciones sobre el bodegón de El cardo”. Galería Fúcares. Almagro

2020 Art Blaak House, group show, Rotterdam

2018 “Nadie vive de hacer dibujitos”. Niffo Galerie. Rotterdam

2016 “The Essence of Things”. Galerie Mirta Demare. Rotterdam

         “China Girl”. Galerie Mirta Demare. Rotterdam

2015 Kulter. Amsterdam

2014 Art Fair The Hague. Stand Galerie Mirta Demare. The Hague

2013 “New Diaspora”. Retort Art Space. Amsterdam

2012 “Celebration!!”. Galerie Mirta Demare. Rotterdam

         “Available”. Kulter. Amsterdam

         “De Salon”. Pictura. Dordrecht

         “Off-Screen”. De Unie. Rotterdam

         the 41st International Film Festival Rotterdam

2011 “Het topje van de Boszoom”. Kunstroute Kralingen-Crooswijk

2010 “De Salon”. Pictura. Dordrecht

2009 “De Salon”. Pictura. Dordrecht

2008 “De Salon”. Pictura. Dordrecht

         “Independent drawing gig 4”. The Hague

         “Hoogte bereiken”. Cucosa. Rotterdam

2007 “Cuenca, otra mirada”. Convento de Santa Inés. Seville

         “Zuilen in de bagger II”. Locus010. Rotterdam

2006 “Os ossos também têm fome”. Livraría Miguel de Carvalho. Coimbra

        “Ayermañana”. Facultad de Bellas Artes. Cuenca

2005 “Lenguaje común”. Galería Jamete. Cuenca

        “Combinatorias”. Instituto Cervantes. Utrecht

2003 “Paper works”. Galerie Mirta Demare. Rotterdam

        Stichting het Wilde Weten. Rotterdam

2002 Galerie Zechs. The Hague

2001 “Dream_garden”. Stadskantoor. Rotterdam

        “Café des artistes contemporain”. Witte de With Festival. Rotterdam

1999 “Situaciones”. Facultad de Bellas Artes. Cuenca

        “Kunstvlaai 3”.Westergasfabriek. Amsterdam

        “In gebruik”. Galerie het Langehuis. Zwolle(The Netherlands)

        “Interakcija”. Galerija S.K.C. Belgrade

1998 Narodni Musej. Sabac (Serbia)

         “Grenzgänge”. Meinblau. Berlin

         “The Original Painters”. Stichting Ateliers ’93. Hengelo (The Netherlands)

1996 “Límites”. Universitat Vella. Valencia

1995 Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Brussels

1993 Galerie Beim Engel. Luxembourg

1992 Ian Wallace´s workshop. Círculo de Bellas Artes. Madrid

         Palais des Arts. Toulouse (France)

         Galerie Foch. Rodez (France)

1991 Galeria Fúcares. Almagro (Spain)

1990 “II Muestra de Nuevos Creadores”. Ateneo Mercantil. Valencia

        “Fita, Ortega, Martínez, Rubio”. Galería Estampa. Madrid





Grants, Awards and Residences


2001 Residence: Stichting Kunst & Complex. Rotterdam

1997 Residence: “Jalovik Art Colony”. Jalovik (Serbia)


1995 Residence:“Le Quai-École d’Art & Design”. Mulhouse (France)

1994 Grant: Instituto de la Juventud. Valencia

1991 Residence: “Stage Européen de Créativité Picturale”. Moissac (France)

1990 Award: “II Muestra de nuevos creadores”

        Instituto de la Juventud. Valencia

Work in public collections


Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Fundación Antonio Pérez. Cuenca

Museo de Obra Gráfica de San Clemente (Spain)




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